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Komponistenvereinigung Komponistenvereinigung Koło serbskich hudźbnikow Zjadnośenstwo serbskich komponistow Composers’ union
Theme: Culture Encyclopedia | Persons: Scholze, Měrko (1951); Wiener, Georg (1909-1991); Bulang, Jan (1931-2002); Fritsche, Helmut (1907-1964); Raupp, Jan (1928-2007); Schneider, Bernhard (1861-1948); Nagel, Johann Paul Horst (1934-1997); Ziesch, Marka (1949); Mětšk, Juro (1954) | Keyword: Music; Cultural policy; music history; Musician (male); Musician (female); Composer (male); Composer (female); music promotion; Concert; bourgeoisification; Domowina; Sorbian Folk Gathering

Volksmusikanten Volksmusikanten Ludowi hercy Ludowe gercy Folk Musicians
Theme: Culture Encyclopedia | Persons: Scholze, Měrko (1951); Friedrich August III. (1865-1932); Hortzschansky, Johann (1722-1831); Schmaler, Johann Ernst (1816-1884); Haupt, Joachim Leopold (1797-1883) | Places: Luckau; Wittichenau | Keyword: Music; Dance; Popular song; Folk Dance; Musician (male); Musician (female); Folk music instrument; Musical Instrument; Folk music; bagpipe; violin; fiddle; flute; Spinning Room; Wedding; Reformation; Bautzen; Spree forest; Lower Lusatia; Catholic Region; Sorbian Institute

Volksmusikinstrumente Volksmusikinstrumente Ludowe instrumenty Ludowe instrumenty Folk Musical Instruments
Theme: Culture Encyclopedia | Persons: Scholze, Měrko (1951) | Keyword: Folk Musician; Folk Dance; Sorbian National Ensemble; Dance; Music; Musical Instrument; Folk music; Musician (male); Musician (female); violin; fiddle; Reformation; Lusatia; Wedding; Catholic Region