The Sorbian church in Lübben

For the sake of “our Wendish mother tongue”. 50 documents about the Sorbian church in Lübben 1540-1791

Edited by Madlena Mahling

The edition at hand contains fifty documents of the Sorbian church in Lübben (which was directly subordinate to the sovereignty) in the margraviate Lower Lusatia. The documents date from the period between 1540 and 1791 and draw a picture of the time of Sorbian Protestant-Lutheran pastoral care in Lübben. The edited documents mostly originate from the files of the Lübben council and the Lower Lusatian consistory. The main selection criterion for this edition was the files’ large amount of useful information about the development of the Sorbian church, and in this context, about the Sorbian language. At the same time, a wide range of types of text was taken into account.

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