Personal papers of Christian Schwela (Kito Šwjela)

Kito Šwjela (Christian Schwela), born in 1836, is one of the most important representatives of Sorbian cultural life in Lower Lusatia in the second half of the 19th century. In addition to his work as an elementary school teacher and cantor, including 44 years in Schorbus, he is best known as the editor of the Lower Sorbian weekly newspaper “Bramborski serbski casnik”. He published this paper every week for 50 years and thus achieved great merit in the development of Lower Sorbian written language and literature. In 1922 he died in Cottbus.

In contrast to his editorial work, his personal papers are not very extensive and were originally part of the personal papers of his son Gotthold (Bogumił). It contains a few documents about his life and work as well as some letters to him – some of the few written testimonies from the Sorbian cultural life of his time. The manuscript of his autobiography, which is also available in book form, could not be digitized for reasons of conservation.


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