Sources of Sorbian history 1918-1945

Edited by Clemens Heitmann

The Sorbian Cultural Archive is the only public special archive for Sorbian and Sorabistic collection and archive material. It contains numerous documents of Sorbian provenance, estates, files and further sources of eminent personalities, societies and institutions. (more information)

Parallel traditions und sources with different perspectives than those found in the Sorbian Cultural Archive are scattered across various archives and collections. Thus the module “Sources of Sorbian history 1918-1945” was developed – it offers an overview of the diversity and importance of these scattered archive holdings and moreover, it enables those who are interested to easily learn the ropes of source-based research in Sorbian history.

Hier finden Sie ausgewählte Bestandsinformationen, Verzeichnungsdaten und Digitalisate sorabistisch einschlägiger Unterlagen aus verschiedenen nationalen und internationalen Archiven. Zur Suche im Modul „Quellen zur sorbischen Geschichte 1918–1945“ gelangen Sie hier.

This topic was worked on in the form of a project within the framework of the joint project “Virtuelle Archive für die geisteswissenschaftliche Forschung (Virtual Archives for Research in the Humanities)” (2017-2019) coordinated by the Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and was sponsored by the Saxon State Ministry for Science, Culture and Tourism.