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Dezemberreskript Dezemberreskript Decemberski reskript Decemberski reskript December Rescript
Theme: Culture Encyclopedia | Persons: Kunze, Peter ; Friedrich Wilhelm (1620-1688); Treuer, Gottfried (1600-1666); Gerhardt, Paul (1607-1676); Treuer, Gotthilf (1632-1711); Tharaeus, Andreas (um 1570-1638); Christian I., Herzog von Sachsen-Merseburg (1615-1691) | Places: Wittenberg; Beeskow; Berlin; Neuzelle; Guben; Storkow; Crossen, Polen; Krosno; Lübben | Keyword: Book; Church policy; Literature; Settlement Area; Sorbs policy; Language Policy; Lower Lusatia; The Thirty Years War; Peasant Uprisings; Language Bans

Sorbengesetze Sorbengesetze Serbske zakonje Serbske kazni Sorbian Laws
Theme: Culture Encyclopedia | Persons: Pastor, Thomas | Places: Hoyerswerda; Kamenz; Löbau; Niesky | Keyword: Act; Minority Policy; Sorbs policy; Language Policy; Provision; Language Bans; Upper Lusatia; School; Bilingualism; Bautzen; Lower Lusatia; Sorbian Institute; Institute of Sorbian Studies; German-Sorbian folk theater; Sorbian National Ensemble; Sorbian Museum; Settlement Area; Sorabistik

Weimarer Republik Weimarer Republik Weimarska republika Weimarska republika Weimar Republic
Theme: Culture Encyclopedia | Persons: Meškank, Timo (1965); Skala, Jan (1889-1945) | Places: Liegnitz, Polen; Frankfurt (Oder) | Keyword: Institution; Church; Culture; Literature; Minority Policy; Music; School; Settlement Area; Sorbs policy; Theatre; Sorbs; Striving for Autonomy; National Movement; Wends Division; Clubs and Societies; Sokoł; Societies of Friends; Visual Art; Wendish People’s Party; Domowina