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Ostereier Ostereier Jutrowne jeja Jatšowne jeja Easter Eggs
Theme: Culture Encyclopedia | Persons: Zschornak, Eva-Maria | Places: Lübbenau; Hoyerswerda; Schleife; Neuwiese; Sabrodt; Drebkau | Keyword: Easter egg; Tradition; Ornament; Folk art and traditions; Symbols; Customs; Easter; Monastery; Reformation; Lower Lusatia; Catholic Region; Cottbus; proverb; House of Sorbian folk art; Bautzen; House of the Sorbs

Vereinswesen Vereinswesen Towarstwownistwo Towaristwownistwo Clubs, Societies and Associations
Theme: Culture Encyclopedia | Persons: Scholze, Dietrich (1950) | Places: Leipzig; Wittenberg; Oberlausitz; Niederlausitz; Bautzen; Cottbus; Lausitz; Weißwasser; Breslau, Polen; Prag, Tschechien; Radibor; Wittichenau; Panschwitz-Kuckau; Dreikretscham; Hoyerswerda | Keyword: Wendish People’s Council; cultural life; Association; Tradition; National Rebirth; Sorbs; Wendish Preacher Society; Upper Lusatian Society of Sciences; Nazi Era; National Movement; GDR Period; Domowina; Weimar Republik; Maćica Serbska/Maśica Serbska; Sorabistik; Societies of Friends; Book Clubs; Theatre; Serbowka; Sokoł; Wendish People’s Party; Sorbian People’s Assembly (1989–1990/91)

Weihnachtsbräuche Weihnachtsbräuche Hodowne nałožki Gódowne nałogi Christmas Traditions
Theme: Culture Encyclopedia | Persons: Walde, Martin (1951) | Places: Wittichenau; Jänschwalde; Schleife | Keyword: Customs; Church; Tradition; Winter; Christianity; Custom; Lower Lusatia; Carnival; Upper Lusatia; Lower Sorbian; Upper Sorbian; Spinning Room; Spree forest